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NWA Panel Upgrades: 100 vs 200 amps!

Planning to upgrade your Northwest Arkansas Home’s Electrical Panel?

If yes, then you must be wondering whether you should opt for a 100-amp or a 200-amp service. Sometimes electrician trade language can be confusing so we’re going to break this down. A 100-amp service is suitable for small to medium-sized homes that have minimal electrical needs. However, if you have a larger home or more appliances, a 100-amp service might not be sufficient.

On the other hand, a 200-amp service is ideal for larger homes with more electrical demands. It provides twice the power of a 100-amp service, which means you can run more appliances and electronics without overloading the system. Additionally, a 200-amp service can also increase the resale value of your home in Northwest Arkansas.

Keep in mind that upgrading to a 200-amp service requires a higher initial investment than a 100-amp service. You may need to upgrade your electrical panel, wiring, and meter, which can be costly. However, in the long run, a 200-amp service can save you money by preventing electrical overloads and reducing the risk of electrical fires.



Advantages of Modern 100 and 200 amp Electrical Panels

-Higher efficiency
– Repairs are done to newer panels much faster
-Parts availability
-GFCI or AFCI breaker upgrades can be done
-More spaces in your electrical panel
-No more fuses!

Avoid Power Outages and Shorts

Power outages and shorts can occur due to various reasons, be it natural disasters or inadequate support provided to the numerous electric-powered appliances in use. The utilization of high-wattage devices, such as air conditioning units or electric baseboard heating, without sufficient amperage amplification, can result in such situations.

To avert the occurrence of blown fuses, unexpected power outages, and broken breakers, which frequently transpire when a dwelling does not receive an adequate supply of amperage, the most viable option is the procurement of a 200 amp electrical panel.

The difference between a 100-amp and a 200-amp service comes down to the size of your home and your electrical needs. If you have a small to medium-sized home with minimal electrical demands, a 100-amp service should suffice. However, if you have a larger home or more appliances, a 200-amp service is the way to go.

If you may be looking for a quote we have electricians in Northwest Arkansas that service all electrical panels.

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