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What Causes a Circuit Breaker to Burn?


 4 Main Reasons
1. Circuit Breaker Overheating Overheating is the most common cause of circuit breaker burns. This occurs due to overloads, power surges, or arc-faults in your system. Any of these events will overheat your circuit suddenly, possibly causing the breaker to heat up and burn, thus resulting in a tripped circuit breaker.
2. Faulty Circuit Breaker A faulty circuit breaker may also be responsible for your circuit breaker getting burned. Sometimes a defective circuit breaker won’t detect a fault if it happens. One example is when a short occurs in your line and the breaker doesn’t trip immediately, resulting in a burnt breaker.
3. Corrosion and Moisture Corrosion and moisture can also cause burns in your circuit. This may occur if the breaker panel isn’t properly secured or there’s a loose connection in it. This could lead to moisture seeping in between the links, especially if you have high humidity in your home. This problem is common for some plugin-type breakers, or when the panel is placed outside or in the basement.
4. Faulty Installation Though this does not usually happen, a faulty installation may result in a burnt circuit breaker. It is when there is a loose terminal connection with your circuit breaker or busbars. Furthermore, an incompatible wire and breaker size can also lead to a burnt breaker. It is important to have this installed by a licensed master electrician.
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