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Parking Lot Pole Light Repair

We are a full service electrician company that specializes also in parking lot lighting maintenance and repair as well as exterior lighting repairs for commercial and industrial facilities. Our Company installs & Repairs Parking lot Pole Lighting fixtures and also underground electrical and conduits.

We also provide services for energy efficient Lighting upgrades by replacing traditional lamps, deleting ballasts and retrofitting them with led lighting. We install light poles with concrete foundation and underground wiring. We are a service provider with the new AEP Swepco Energy efficiency program helping our customers reduce a significant amount of energy while upgrading their parking lots and making them much brighter.

Our bucket trucks that allow our technicians to upgrade and maintenance all types of lighting for parking lots and exterior building light fixtures. We have licensed arkansas journeyman and master electricians that are able to locate underground wiring issues and perform necessary repairs.

Our Company also offers Light Pole Replacement and Pole light Repair services. Often Times Light poles are Damaged due to a vehicle damaging them or caused by High winds which Bring down the lights Pole.  Our Electrical techs are able to Install Light Pole Bases, Ground Rod and Anchor bolts for new Parking lot Light Poles Foundations. Our company also Provides services for removal of existing Light pole heads and replacing with LED Parking lot lighting in rogers and bentonville arkansas.

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